My Story

Hi! Just in case you have never heard of me, I am Steve Murray, ex Queens Regiment, No. 24281934 served in Northern Ireland, spent 4 yrs in the service, and indeed loved every minute of it.

But it does come with some draw backs! As many of you will know, the transition into civvy Street, is not easy

I remember distinctively how I felt when I left the safety of an institution, like the services. 

in fact It was horrible, job hopping till I found something suitable, I think I had 6 jobs, before I settled down, but even then, I wasn’t satisfied, just didn’t feel comfortable, or even needed. 

At least, in the services, I genuinely felt I had a purpose, a role to play I was part of a team. Hence always a reason to go back.

Determined as I was, I was not going to give up, no one cared about my exemplary service history. It counted for nothing.

Moving swiftly on, I am self taught in virtually every thing I have ever done, which includes franchising, changing they way people think and buy stuff, creating brands that people can engage with.

So what now? 

In 2004 I invested £170,000 in a franchise system that I created called Dial a hubby, after having operated a pilot scheme for over 12 months to  see if it worked and if it was profitable.

In 2007 I sold my first franchise

Not being sure my plan would work, despite the investment, I had just one objective in mind “to create a brand” which is simply a visual I even lived in a tent for 2 months, just to see how I would feel, if I did not work.