Leaving the Services has never been simpler


Hi folks my name is “Steve” if you feel the need to know my surname its “Murray” more details can be  served in the Queens regiment for 4 years in the 70’s, my service number was, as far as i can remember was 24281934 for the purpose of explaining my rationale for this brand new venture of helping ex service personnel ease back in to civvy street.

There are several key difference’s in the vocational franchise system, as compared to compared to the traditional franchise system that most people understand.


The Traditional franchise system explained
A traditional franchise system is usually designed as a business and it has been around for many years, and in some scenarios very successful, others not so,

  • you can develop over a number of years then sell as an on going concern,
  • you can or maybe employ staff,
  • attend development courses usually at additional cost to you, in line with the franchisors projections,
  • you also pay a percentage of your turnover around 8-11% to the franchisor for management fees, this might be for a centralise call centre, updating operations manuals etc
  • plus a further percentage for national marketing, again this would your contribution to a  national advertising plan this is usually between 1 – 2%
  • you may even come across franchise resales, franchise resales are franchises that some has brought, and then wishes to sell on, as a going concern, for various reasons. but please be mindful running any business on your own is not easy, particlaly if you have been use to the support of your fellow service personnel.

The upside:

  • the business has been operated for at least 12 months as a wholly owned franchise to prove the system works, usually called a pilot scheme.
  • Although there is no legal requirement for the above, if a system wishes to be recognised as a bonafide franchise system or wants to exhibit at any of the UK franchise shows, the system needs to be validated by the BFA (British Franchise Association)

The downside:

  • you are penalised for working hard i.e. the more you earn the more you pay
  • you are locked in for 3 or more years
  • If you have no business experience it can be quite daunting
  • generally a high investment £3000 to £150000 before you earn a penny


  • its designed exclusively for ex service personnel
  • we have all the business tools you need, from promotional items to uniforms even vehicle branding which sets you apart from anyone else, and identifies you as being something special in society.
  • your own ready made support network
  • By participating you will also indirectly contributing up to £20,000 per month to ex service charities, and you get the opportunity though our online voting system, where that money goes.
  • Strength in numbers
  • the total numbers of current vacancies at the time of writing is 3,200 through out the uk
    these are mostly semi skilled positions

I welcome any ex service trades people who’s trade is not listed to contact me, I can add your trade to  the network, baring in mind all the individuals in YOUR NETWORK will be promoting You through the territory.