OK What where when and why.

  • Q: what is Vocational Franchising? 
    A: Its a franchise system exclusivly designed specifically for all people leaving the Service’s
    of her majesties Government
  • Q: Whats the cost?
    A: its subscription based system, less than £250 per annum
  • Q: How much are the fixed management fees?
    A: Low fixed management fees of £? for everybody (this is where the charity money comes from)
  • How much are the fixed marketing fees?
    low fixed marketing fees, (this is where the brand and national advertising comes from).
  • Q: can I leave
    A: Yes, you can leave at any time you wish (just give us 28 days notice there is no rebate scheme in place as this will contribute to us achieving our target of £20,000 in the early days)
  • Q: what happens after i leave
    A: you can even stay on as an associate for as little as £5 per week, which mean you can still benefit from the brand, uniform etc, and work overflow. (YES! you get first refusal of any job your contemporary can not cover, only one level of associate for each roll/ territory will be permitted) but you can leave with no further involvement if you wish, in fact the measure of my success is that you leave, because yo are ready for civvy street.


  • Q: Can i join even if i have left any of the services?
    A: Yes, as long as you have a current DBS check which confirms you are who you say you are. please follow this link to get your DBS check sorted (formerly known as  CRB check)
  • Q: why are you giving this money to charity?
    A: Because I want too, and, we can.
  • Q: is there any more costs involved?
    A: Yes there is a basic starter and uniform package which very one purchase’s no more than £ its all personalised with your name etc, includes invoice books, flyers, Business cards, website presence. everything you need to get up and running. but don’t forget YOUR network as well all deigned to drive work your way
  • Q; Do i get penalised for doing well like other franchise systems?
    A: NO! low fixed fees are the key, you can earn as much as you with out penalties or percentage based management fees
  • Q: You state the territories have 50,000 residential home owners is this correct?
    A: Yes, in fact most have more,  this is extremely generous, as most similar franchise systems only give you 30,000 home owner households or les
  • Q: has your system been tried and tested?
    A: Yes, we exhibited in Birmingham Franchise show in 2010. you can not do this with out being accredited by the British Franchise Association. albeit they have NO jurisdiction over Vocational Franchising, its cloud based, and with yours & the interest of others interest at heart.